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Keeping track of complex, multi-layered install bases scattered across multiple locations can be a real challenge. But with Data Capital’s Asset Manager service, you can shift your attention to other matters. To get started, you just enter the locations and details of your computer systems, peripherals, and other assets into the program using easy-to-complete forms. Then you can log into the system at any time to check on the status of those assets.

Need to determine the location of an important component? Identify which parts have been the least reliable over the past year? View the repair history of intermittently functioning systems or equipment? With Asset Manager, your entire IT inventory is cataloged and ready to be queried.

In a few simple keystrokes, you can see where all of your equipment is located at any given time. You can quickly access a wide range of reports detailing many useful statistics — such as repair history and percentage of downtime — for a particular machine or branch location. And then you can print those reports, complete with ready-made graphs and charts, so that you can make that presentation to the board without staying up all night to prepare.