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From IT Service Management to Asset Disposal, Data Capital delivers services to accommodate IT customers of all sizes and industries. With over 20 years of experience in aerospace, defense, financial, government labs, medical, education, and data centers Data Capital delivers services and solutions that reduce downtime and improve IT efficiency. At considerably less cost than OEM-sponsored programs, Data Capital provides customized Annual Maintenance Contracts for nearly all major OEM computing hardware products with a range of support options.

Our inventory management service, Quick Swap™, is an Advanced Module Exchange Program to provide you with replacement peripherals and components overnight. For software support, Data Capital’s Software Technical Advisor program provides a cost-effective alternative to OEM support with immediate access to in-house software experts located in California. Our enterprise asset management software, Asset Manager, enables our customers to track, locate and maintain statistical service and operation history of their IT infrastructure. Additionally Asset Manager allows our customers to connect to Data Capital on all service levels that we offer.

Maintenance Contracts

Yearly maintenance contracts from Data Capital are designed to give you significant savings over OEM service programs, while offering you control over the scope and level of support that we provide.

With more than 20 years of experience, Data Capital offers annual maintenance contracts for products including Sun Microsystems, Hewlett-Packard, Dell and Cisco. Our expert Service Delivery Team will work with you to develop a customized maintenance program tailored to meet your specific requirements. For one low monthly fee, we’ll deliver the level of support you require. You specify the response time with options including 2-hour, 4-hour, 8-hour, and next-day support, and Data Capital will do the rest.

Data Capital Maintenance Contracts provide complete QuickSwap repair coverage for all of your equipment and peripherals to minimize downtime when repairs are needed. Additonally, our Software Technical Advisor program gives you immediate access to Data Capital's technical experts who have the skill and know-how to assist you with upgrades, patches, and related software support needs.


Data Capital has over twenty years of experience in enterprise management services. All of our services are designed to augment your IT Organizational needs from both an operational efficiency and cost perspective. From On-Site Support to 24x7 Phone Support Data Capital can accommodate routine maintenance to full solution integration across various operating systems and technologies. Our service philosophy is designed to fit any project scope or advanced technology implementation. Data Capital’s team brings all of the necessary certifications and experience to your organization, regardless of its location or size.

On-Site Service

Data Capital has delivered On Site Services to companies across multiple industries of varying sizes. Data Capital's service experience includes not only on site repair, but also system administration and support. Our ability to serve as a valuable technical resource extension to our customers has resulted in strong customer relationships that have often lasted for over a decade.

Data Capital pulls from our vast resources of certified professionals, both internally and throughout our qualified service technician pool. Regardless of our customer's requirements, their location or timeframe, Data Capital matches certificated professionals that share our service philosophy. Our certifications range from Linux, Windows, and UNIX. We cover a broad array of networking, data storage, and HPC OEM hardware.

Service Network

Through our service and certification network, Data Capital maintains an active list of certified professionals that embody the professionalism and technical talent to solve your IT challenges and serve as valuable members of your IT team. Our network extends throughout the country and can be deployed in a timely manner.

24x7 phone support

Across many of our service level agreements, our customers get the benefit of phone support tailored to meet their unique requirements. Even at the highest level of availability with our 24x7 phone support, our customers reach a person and not a recording. Our program managers and technical support team respond immediately.

Asset Remarketing Services

If your company needs to dispose of legacy equipment, Data Capital offers a host of asset remarketing services for used IT equipment. Our Asset Remarketing Services are designed to efficiently manage the disposal process.

From quoting to the disposal and resell cost.
Remarketing your IT Assets based on the greatest value and return to our customers.
Ensure that confidential data is protected.
Technology Migration
Data Capital delivers migration technology for UNIX, Linux, and Windows based IT environments.
Service Programs
Small Quantity Remarketing Services Large Quantity Remarketing Services
From 10 to 100 notebooks, servers, storage, and HPC systems, Data Capital can evaluate free of charge the market salability for our customers. If your IT infrastructure is large Data Capital, free of charge, can evaluate large asset remarketing programs customized for your enterprise.

IT Management Services and Solutions

Data Capital offers IT Management Services and Solutions that include Hardware Design, IT Infrastructure Design, System Installation, and technology Migration Services, designed to meet all of the challenges in a dynamic IT environment.

ITMS Areas: Solutions:
Hardware Design
Data Capital Hardware and Implementation for Large Enterprises

> Server, Cluster, HPC

> Data Centers, Large IT Enterprise

> IT Environments of All Sizes

> Platforms: UNIX, Linux, Windows, Virtualization

Infrastructure Design
Data Capital IT Infrastructure Design for Financial Services Sector
System Installation
Data Capital IT Implementation for Super Hub in Seattle
Technology Migration
Data Capital delivers migration technology for UNIX based IT environments